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April 26, 2005
Overlake homeowners wonder which rules they should follow

Homeowners at Overlake subdivision are probably wondering which set of rules they should follow in regard to their properties. As it turns out there are several different versions of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) for the subdivision, according to homeowners.

Members of Overlake Homeowners Association met for their annual meeting last week at Overlake Elementary School. One of the most important items on the agenda was discussion of new CC&Rs. In order for the CC&Rs to become official, 75 percent of homeowners must give their approval. About 50 property owners attended the meeting, and another 35 owners mailed in ballots. That means that volunteers will need to knock on many doors to get the new CC&Rs passed.

It appears that being a board member of the Homeowners Association is not a fun position. Of the six members elected to the board of directors last year, four resigned during the year, it was reported at the meeting.

Other items of importance at the meeting: 1. May 15 is the deadline to pay out-of-compliance fees. 2. Owners of rented properties are still responsible to adhere to landscape standards, even if their renters do not maintain the properties. 3. Landscaping standards for the association are in the process of being clarified and reviewed.

Jensen Landscaping will maintain parks again this year. Parkers’ Park was maintained well last year while Linear Park looked shabby.

Residents were told that secondary water was controlled by the Tooele City. It was reported that city leaders have indicated that secondary water may get to the parks and 2000 North this year. When secondary water is set up to be used by homeowners it will be mandatory that they use this water for outdoor irrigation. It is not known what homeowners will have to pay in order to hook up to secondary water.

Barbara Bennett contributed to this article.

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