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March 12, 2013
Pay it forward

I attended last night’s Tooele County Commission meeting. The crowd was tremendous. The news was very “dire” and not easy to hear. I stood up during the public comment time and I made a commitment to “Pay it Forward,” meaning my proposed 80 percent tax increase.

I went to the County Treasurer’s office just before 6 p.m. Wednesday and did just that. I dropped off the amount I figured would cover my tax increase. I asked the county employee assisting me if this money could remain as a credit on my account even though my normal property taxes are paid with escrow funds from my mortgage company. I was informed that the mortgage company pays from the amount of the assessment on the tax notice.

I want this credit to stay on my account for the rest of my time as the owner of this property. I am asking anyone else that feels the desire to help or assist Tooele County at this time to find their own way to “Pay it Forward.” I am very hopeful that we can each find a way to make a difference or contribute in our own way to help during these troubled times.

Tom Poyner


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