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May 15, 2018
Peaceful hamlet?

An article printed in the Deseret News Church News in 1986 referred to Lake Point as a “peaceful hamlet.” The writer was referring to the lifestyle and atmosphere of the community.

As we look at our area today, the situation has definitely changed. We are inundated with the effects of unrestrained growth that has taken over Tooele County. There are huge subdivisions being built from one end of town to the other. New residents are seeking the culture and lifestyle that for many years we have been trying to protect and preserve. We are definitely experiencing the increased population that is destroying the way of life we have enjoyed.

The large gravel trucks and construction vehicles that travel through town are creating a safety issue for the residents, and a negative effect on the condition on the roads. The negative impact on our sewer system and water supplies will need to be addressed. In February 1996, the State of Utah stopped appropriating any new water rights in Tooele Valley. This was done because the Water Rights Division determined that more water shares were already available to be developed than there was water to access. Not a good thing. Also, the water source for the Lake Point area is not connected with available water in the rest of the valley, so that shares cannot be transferred to Lake Point. This means that any future water development is controlled by the developers and contractors.

There are many other concerns that we have in our area and I am sure that many of them are being experienced by other communities in Tooele County. Good luck to us all!

Colleen Garrard

Lake Point

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