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March 1, 2005
Personal choice at stake

I’m writing in response to the Kim Clausing letter in the Feb. 8 paper. I’m a smoker and also a taxpayer, but she’s right. Smoking is a personal choice and if I want to spend $443 or more a year on that choice, that’s my right. That’s just like people who attend the LDS church every Sunday and pay tithing; they can spend $720-$1080 per year, but that’s their choice! Because you work for the health department, that gives you the right to judge?

They know risk; most people who work and frequent these places are smokers. If you don’t want to work there, don’t apply. If you don’t want to be around smoke, leave or just stay home. Nobody is holding a gun to their heads, saying they have to go to these places or stay after they get there. And when we smokers do end up ill because of our choice, then so be it. We’re taxpayers too.

I say let the owners of these places decide, they run the place, they work the place and yes they frequent the place. I know several bar owners and they do go to their place of establishment. They know the risks. If they didn’t want that type of business, they wouldn’t be in it.

What’s next? No placing bets while visiting a casino? Is it your choice to be narrow minded? It’s because of people like you that make small towns like this undesirable and small businesses lose their clientele and go spend their money elsewhere.

Crystal Huntsman

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