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September 6, 2018
Personalize live tiles on the Start screen

When you click your Start button, the Start screen appears and you will see numerous tiles. Customizing these tiles can make your work easier and even help make your computer run better.

Go ahead and click your Start button so your Start screen appears. Let’s choose a popular tile to customize: right-click the “Weather” tile. From the menu that appears, you can remove the icon from the Start screen (this is called “Unpin from Start”), or you can resize it. If you hover over “More,” you can also “Pin to taskbar” so your icon is down in your taskbar. You also have the option of turning the live tile off.

Now, click the Weather tile so it opens and let’s set your default location. Once Weather opens, down at the very bottom-left, click the settings icon. Here you can choose the appearance of your Weather app and you can set your location. If you are very mobile from day-to-day, you may want to have your system detect your location, but for most of us, we can just click “Default Location” and then type in our city and state. Once you add your location, you will need to restart the Weather app so it will reflect your new changes.

In the menu of the live tiles, you’ll notice a place where you can turn the live tile off. You do this easily by right-clicking on the live tile, hover over “More” and then click “Turn Live Tile off.”

I recommend if you are not using an app that is located on your Start screen, you can select to “Unpin from Start” or you can “Turn Live Tile off” to help save your computer’s resources and it’s also less distracting. This does not remove the app from your system; it only removes the icon from the Start screen.

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