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December 3, 2020
Petition to stop Skywalk fails

Developer plans to move ahead with mixed use commercial area first 

Sponsors of a referendum that would have allowed voters to turn back the rezone for the Skywalk development were unsuccessful at getting enough signatures to put their proposed referendum on a ballot.

Tooele County Clerk Marilyn Gillette sent the referendum sponsors a letter dated Nov. 30 informing them that their petition failed to meet certification requirements because not enough signatures were gathered.

A total of 4,119 valid signatures were required by state code, only 3,356 valid signatures were collected, according to Gillette.

They also needed to collect signatures from 16% of the active voters in four of the five county council districts. There were enough signatures from only one council district, according to Gillette’s report.

“We are consulting with our legal advisors before we decide what’s next,” said Diane Haney, one of the referendum sponsors.

When the state Legislature changed the number of signatures required from around 2,000 to over 4,000, things got a little difficult, according to Haney.

There were plenty of people that wanted to sign the petition, the sponsors just ran out of manpower to collect all the signatures before the deadline, Haney said.

Skywalk is a 246-acre planned community development south of state Route 138, east of Sheep Lane and west of the Tooele Valley airport.

Developers have described the development as a walkable, cyclable and U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — LEED — compliant mixed-use community.

Jay Nielsen, one of the partners in the Skywalk development, said with the petition of the way, they will continue progress towards building Skywalk, starting with the commercial area that runs parallel to State Route 138 on the north end of the project.

Skywalk developers are in the process of pursuing two different solutions to the proposed community’s sewer needs, said Nielsen.

A water solution also needs to be worked out, he said.

Skywalk developers may bring in an additional partner to help with the project, as a result the plans for the development may change a little, according to Nielsen.

Skywalk will bring jobs to Tooele Valley, as well as build up the property tax base and help the county to capture sales tax revenue that is currently leaving the county, Nielsen said.

The plans for Skywalk include a row of four-story buildings that run parallel with the future Midvalley Highway. The first floor of the buildings would be occupied by commercial and service businesses with office space in the top three floors. Landmark buildings, such as a library, town hall, church, theater, and museum could be included in this area, according to Nielsen.

South of the commercial and office buildings would be another row of four-story buildings with commercial businesses on the ground floor with up to 684 high-density residential units on the top floors.

The next row of four-story buildings would be for up to 186 medium-density townhouses.

A third residential area would be north of a 300-foot green space from the Golden Acres subdivision. This space would be for up to 116 detached-homes with a minimum lot size of 0.25-acres.

Skywalk developers tout their development as including green space, parks, trails, a public plaza, commuter parking, bus routes, and bicycle friendly roads.

The development will be built out over time, according to Nielsen.

“You’re not going to see 984 residences built all at once,” Nielsen said. “It will be gradually built over a period of time.”


Tim Gillie

Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Tim has been writing for the Transcript Bulletin since October 2017. In February 2019 he was named as editor. In addition to being editor, Tim continues to write about Tooele County government, education, business, real estate, housing, politics and the state Legislature.A native of Washington state and a graduate of Central Washington University, Tim became a journalist after a 20 year career with the Boy Scouts of America.

One thought on “Petition to stop Skywalk fails

  1. Thank you Tim! Hopefully Skywalk owners will do what they were told they had to do and sign the stipulation to get Palmer Road as a secondary egress. That was the deal with the commissioners but no one has seen it yet.

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