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October 5, 2022
Photographer returns to Tooele for show

Frank Bott donate proceeds to suicide prevention foundation 

Frank Bott

Frank Bott

The Tooele Downtown Alliance will host an Art show featuring an almost local photographer’s photos of motorcycles and cars on Saturday, Oct 8., to benefit the Life’s Worth Living Foundation.

Frank Bott, who used to live in Tooele, specializes in motorcycle and vehicle photography. He will return to Tooele to host the art show. 

The show will take place at 28 N. Main Street at the Merc Plaza in Tooele City from noon to 8 p.m. There will be no admission fee. Bott’s photography will sell at the show for anywhere from $10 to $600, with the proceeds to go to the Life’s Worth Living Foundation.

Bott, who graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, began taking photos when he was a young adult.

“I was a newspaper photographer for a variety of different papers and a contract photographer for a variety of larger newspapers, including the Associated Press,” Bott said.

Bott and his friend, Eli Whipple, started a project photographing motorcycles in North Carolina around 2009 where they were living at the time.

“We photographed these motorcycles as part of a learning project but we eventually got good at it,” Bott said. “We eventually built ourselves a very large studio and by the time I moved to Tooele, Utah in 2014, we moved to the Peterson Industrial Depot. We had a big studio out there and we photographed around 110 motorcycles for free.”

After collecting photos from their work in both North Carolina and Tooele, Bott and his friend put together a book called “Motorcycle Porn” in 2017, which contrary to its name is a family-friendly book.

After copies of his book started selling, Bott donated a portion of proceeds to the Life’s Worth Living Foundation, a local organization that aims to prevent suicide. Over 66,000 books were sold. Bott’s book is still available at Barnes and Noble and money from each purchase is still donated to the Foundation.

“When I moved to Tooele, the Life’s Worth Living Foundation came out to see me at my studio. I felt welcome,” Bott said, explaining why he was inspired to donate to the foundation.

After his book was published, Bott moved to Washington state where he opened a gallery. His gallery was closed in March of this year but he still has over 50 pieces to sell that he will bring to Tooele for the art show.

Bott’s pieces include portraits of motorcycles, motorcycles and cars racing, and bicycle photographs.

All proceeds from Bott’s show on Saturday will go to the Life’s Worth Living Foundation.

Bott is passionate about donating to the foundation, because he experienced friends and family members take their lives. He has also lived in a place where suicides were high.

“When I was living in Washington, I witnessed a county go to four suicides a year to 30, because of COVID,” Bott explained. “The COVID pandemic had a significant impact on people’s lives.”

Because Bott is so fond of Tooele, he thought of the Life’s Worth Living Foundation.

“The Life’s Worth Living Foundation is doing an excellent job in Tooele County to prevent suicide,” Bott continued. “I’m trying to help out.”

Bott thanks Chris Sloan, Jon Gossett, and Brock Petersen for their help organizing the event.

The Tooele Downtown Alliance acknowledges Bott and organizers of the event for their contributions. 

“Frank has done amazing work in Utah and across the country,” said Jared Stewart, Tooele City’s economic coordinator. “The Downtown Alliance appreciates Frank, the Merc Plaza, and the Life’s Worth Living Foundation for connecting us and making this event possible.” 

After the Tooele show Bott plans to sell his art at several art shows at the Phoenix, Miami, and Los Angeles Airports by next year.


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