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March 8, 2018
Planning commission again denies one-acre rezone request in Erda

The Tooele County Planning Commission has again recommended the county commission deny a rezone request that would allow a second home on a 6.39 acre parcel in Erda.

Alyssa Coombs requested the rezone so she could build a home on her parent’s property.

This was the second time the planning commission rejected Coombs’ proposal for the RR-5 to RR-1 rezone. The first denial occurred last month; the second happened Wednesday.

At last month’s meeting, the planning commission called the request spot zoning and expressed concerns that if approved, the rezone would open the door to the possibility of six 1-acre lots in the middle of a neighborhood of 5-acre lots in Erda.

However, after the February planning commission meeting, the county commission approved a change in the county’s land-use ordinances during its Feb. 20 meeting.

The change allows for conditions to be placed on property when it is rezoned.

In light of the ordinance change, the county commission asked the planning commission to reconsider Coomb’s request, this time with a zoning restriction of one dwelling per 2.5 acres, even though the rezone would be to RR-1.

The planning commission held a public hearing for Coomb’s request during its meeting Wednesday night.

At the public hearing, Coombs said the rezone would not be spot zoning because her parent’s property is unique.

“It has roads on two sides and has the Alpine Academy, with more than one building per five acres, on its other sides,” she said.

The one dwelling per 2.5 acres zoning condition didn’t change the minds of some Erda residents who opposed the original rezone request.

“The owner of every 5-acre parcel is going to come in and request the same thing,” said Ivan Bedell, who lives on Droubay Road east of the property Coombs wants rezoned.

“It would totally change the characteristic of our neighborhood,” said Leanne Bedell, Ivan’s wife.

Erda resident Ken Webb said the precedent set by a 2.5 acre lot would ripple through Erda, resulting in a doubling of the density in the area.

“That means double the traffic, double the amount of water being pulled out of the ground, and double the septic systems,” Webb said. “I firmly recommend that we consider not expanding like this.”

After the public hearing, planning commission chairman Lynn Butterfield expressed his thoughts on the rezone request.

“My opinion is that there are basic policy reasons that this was not passed,” Butterfield said. “Those policy reasons have not changed. … Based on Chapter 3 of the Land Use Ordinance, this is in fact spot zoning. It is not compatible with the neighborhood. The entire neighborhood surrounding it is RR-5. Approving this would make it impossible for us to deny any additional rezones of 5-acre lots on a spot zone basis.”

The planning commission voted 6-1 to again send a recommendation to the county commission that it not approve the rezone request.

Butterfield, Michael Donivan, Scott Jacobs, Curt Jensen, Cameron Spencer and John Wright voted for the motion to not approve the rezone request. Michael Pressley voted against the motion to not approve the rezone request.

Tim Gillie

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