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February 7, 2012
Planning helps, but many great adventures happen spontaneously

If you were to listen to my group of friends, you would hear us throw around a lot of ideas for amazing adventures. We could have thousands of really glamorous memories if we could just follow through on those plans.

Half of the plans we make are doomed from the second we say them. We have pledged to break into SeaWorld, go sailing on a real sailboat, and have tea parties like they have in the movies. The chance of these plans happening are, well, slim.

The idea of breaking into SeaWorld came from a book I read by my most favorite author, John Green. In the book, Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin “Q” Jacobsen were childhood best friends. They grew apart, but near graduation Margo knocks on Q’s window and enlists his help to pull a bunch of different pranks. Margo Roth Spiegelman shows Q a list— their gameplan for the night. Margo had broken down the night into steps and they did it. They broke in to Sea World, along with other remarkable feats.

So maybe the key to getting things done is mapping out a strategy. I want to go sailing more than anything in the whole world. Following this train of thought, I started to make my plan to go sailing. And just like always, the first step to knowing what to do is to Google it. I typed “sailing on the Great Salt Lake” in to the search engine.

I found a blog that was dedicated to exploring the Great Salt Lake. In the author’s post on sailing, she said that the water was so choppy it was the equivalent to riding a mechanical bull. That’s a little scary to me. The plan may have to wait awhile longer.

Not all of our plans are doomed though. Some get so close to happening that it is heartbreaking when they don’t. It was a month or two ago and we sitting in our journalism class. We were coming close to a deadline and people were working hard to get their stories ready for print. I told the class if we got the newspaper out on time, then we would have a cupcake party. It seemed like we were actually, for the first time, going to get all of the work done on time. So the day before the final deadline I went and bought 36 cupcakes, frosting, and fancy sprinkles. I brought them to class, only to find out that we had missed the deadline and I was stuck with 36 cupcakes.

My friends and I are full of ideas for adventures. We have so many memories that will have wait for when we are older and have more money. There are a few adventures that don’t need a game plan or much of anything though. Those kinds of adventures, we have more often than you would think. They are the kinds of adventures that happen spur of a moment, mostly because we have nothing better to do.

One night in late July, we were bored and hadn’t done anything all night. It was getting to be dark and I had to be home for dinner. I was giving my friend a ride home. On the way to his house, we passed this old house. The house must have burned because it looked all black and creepy. My friend had caught me staring at it and told me it was haunted. He told me this whole story about an old lady who would cut up neighbor children and pickle them in jars. My friend is a very clever kid, and obviously he had made it all up. I told him that I didn’t believe it and he said he would prove it. We parked my car and walked behind his house to the “haunted pickle lady’s house.” You could see where the basement was and sure enough there were thousands of huge jars. I doubt they were filled will children, but Patrick was extremely convinced. On the way back to my car and his house, I scratched the back of my leg on the fence and it left a little scar.

That’s an adventure that wasn’t planned and I will never forget it— not just because of the scar either. To be honest, I’m still not persuaded that Patrick didn’t make it up on the spot.

I hope that my friends and I will continue to have all sorts of adventures. There are so many things that I want to do and thinking about them like this has shown me ways to accomplish them. Some adventures we’ll have will need to have a set master plan, and some will just happen because they can. Kristine is a junior at Tooele High School.

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