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October 8, 2020
Plans for 142 1-acre residential lots near Stockton tabled

More information needed, says County planning commission 

Tooele County’s planning commission will wait for more information before they act on a rezone request that would open the door to over 140 new homes adjacent to the town of Stockton.

The Tooele County Planning Commission voted to table an application to rezone 205 acres south of Stockton City from multiple use with a 40-acre minimum lot size to rural residential with a 1-acre minimum lot size during their meeting Wednesday night at the Tooele County Building.

SEP-Stockton, LLC, owners of the property, submitted a request to rezone the property with the intent of pursuing a residential development in the area with some future commercial activity on the property along state Route 36, according to Tooele County planner Jeff mIller.

A preliminary concept submitted with the rezone application showed 142 residential lots at least 1-acre in size, 4 acres of commercial area, 21 acres of open space, and 25 acres of roads to be dedicated.

The property owners have sufficient water banked with the town of Stockton to meet the culinary needs of the proposed area and they anticipate using Stockton’s sewer system, according to information in the application submitted by SEP.

SEP also anticipates using irrigation water from Settlement Canyon Irrigation Company, in which the property owners hold some interest, according to the attorney representing the land owner.

Thomas Karjola, mayor of Stockton, spoke during the public hearing.

Karjola referred to Stockton’s agreed to a reference to the town’s water system as “dilapidated.” He said the city was awaiting a study to see how SEP and Stockton could collaborate to improve the water system.

While a water system improvement might be a possibility, Karjola said he was worried about the strain such a large development adjacent to the city might put on the resources of his small town.

Karjola cited fire fighting, law enforcement, and the impact on Stockton town roads, along with the impact on the town’s water and sewer system as concerns. 

Stockton’s fire department already responds to calls in South Rim without compensation, he said.

However, if the area were to be annexed and thereby support the town with property taxes, some of those concerns would be mitigated, Karjola said.

Karjola said that SEP was paying for a consultant to complete an annexation study for the area. 

The planning commission voted to table the rezone request until the applicant could present information on water, sewer, fire protection, and other concerns raised during the meeting.

The attorney for SEP said they were amenable to that motion.


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