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March 13, 2018
Political parties get ready for March 20 caucus

Next Tuesday night neighbors will gather to discuss party platforms and the issues that worry them the most, from international relationships to local potholes.

Neighborhood caucus meetings for the Democratic and Republican parties will be held on the evening of March 20.

Locations and times of caucus meetings may vary according to party and precinct. Residents may go to and enter their address, city, and zip code and get details on all caucus meetings for all Utah political parties.

Over 100 Republicans attended the Tooele County Republican Party’s caucus training night held on March 1 at Tooele City Hall. Those trained precinct officers are now ready to conduct caucus meetings on March 20, according to Holly Crowley-Rabanne, Tooele County Republican Party Chairwoman.

While state law allows candidates to reach the ballot by petition, the local caucus meetings remain an important part of the election process, according to Crowley-Rabanne.

“Caucus meetings are important because they are the best way to get the best qualified and good candidates,” she said.

Caucus attendees elect precinct officers who become part of the county party’s ruling body. They also elect county and state convention delegates. At the county and state conventions the delegates select the party’s candidates for county and state offices.

“The caucus convention process allows an unknown person to get a seat at the table and get heard and potentially to be on the ballot even if they don’t have a lot of money,” Crowley-Rabanne said.

Tooele County Democratic Party Chairwoman Amanda Graff agrees that caucus meetings are important.

“It is at the caucus meeting that precinct officers are elected,” Graff said. “They help shape the party and recruit volunteers for campaigns. It is a grassroots effort. We need everybody to participate.” lists caucus information for the Constitution, Democratic, Green, Independent American, Libertarian, Republican, and United Utah parties.

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