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May 27, 2014
Positive mentors

I would like to congratulate the Grantsville baseball and Stansbury softball teams on their recent state championships. I was able to watch several of their games this year, but more importantly, I watched how they practiced while each coaching staff prepared their teams. The attention to detail, the hard, repetitive nature of each drill until the skill was perfected, was impressive. Coach Anderson and his staff, and Coach Clinton, her father and assistant coaches, prepared their teams with meticulous care and devotion. They know success comes when preparation meets opportunity.

I watched as each team faced adversity this year, either with execution on the field or from personal trials of their players. But each time, adversity was met with dogged determination to get better without casting blame to others for misfortunes. It has been said: “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” During the season, when things weren’t going as planned, the character of these teams surfaced time after time. I didn’t see any instance of finger pointing, back-biting or placing blame on others. Instead, when a ground ball was booted, a fly ball misplayed, or a throw was off its mark, teammates and coaches rallied around the responsible player and let them know, “We have your back. Let’s just keep playing as hard as we can and see how it turns out.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the softball championship, but did watch five of the games in Grantsville’s run to the title against some worthy opponents. During each game there were points where it would have been easy to begin falling apart or losing confidence in teammates. But it didn’t happen. Instead, a competitive resolve from each player would surface as each member took a turn in hoisting the team on his back and doing the heavy lifting when others needed a rest. It was magical to watch.

To coaches Anderson and Clinton, from all of us in Tooele County, you are positive mentors to the young men and young ladies in our communities. Each team is truly a reflection of its respective coach and they both represented us in a manner of which we are proud.

Ken Nunley

Stansbury Park

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