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January 7, 2021
Pratt Aquatic Center pool will get repairs in February

The Tooele City Council voted to replace a drain on the deck at the Pratt Aquatic Center and other deck repairs to the pool during their 7 p.m. meeting on Wednesday evening.

Darwin Cook, parks and recreation director, explained that the drain that is currently on the deck of the pool is hard to maintain and was first installed when the pool opened in 2000.

“Because of its size, it fails quite regularly,” said Cook.

The current drain keeps water out of the pool that should not be going back in and keeps things running smoothly at the pool, according to Cook.

“The old water actually goes out into the sewer system through the drain,” he said. “When the drain fails the water actually does go back into the pool. This is water where outside shoes is coming into contact with. Having this drain that is not serviceable is actually posing a problem.”

Cook said that if the City Council approves the project, a company will remove the old drain, install a more-efficient one, reseal the deck, and fix coping stones, stones around the circumference of the pool that are part of the skimming of the pool.

City officials sent out a bid for the project and received three bids.

Cook said that the parks and recreations department and city officials met with the two lowest bidders on two separate occasions.

After the meetings, they chose CDC Restoration and Construction LC out of Millcreek.

“This really is the work that they perform,” said Cook. “They just finished a project at Murray Rec Center where they did this exact thing.”

The amount of $175,900 was decided on for the contract decided, said Cook.

Tony Graff asked Cook how long the project would take.

Cook said the project would probably take about three weeks from start to finish.

Cook also said that they would wait until February, because the pool is already closed for a few weeks each February for maintenance.

The City Council voted unanimously to approve the improvements to the deck.


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