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June 23, 2015
Preposterous spending

The lack of humility at spending taxpayers’ money is astounding. Recently, the county road department has been out “repairing” more county roads with their chip seal process. If you’ve never had to live with this in your neighborhood, consider yourself lucky. This is just simply a horrible way to maintain roads, but when it is being applied to a new road in a new subdivision, I get really angry.

Arrowhead Lane in Erda is about two years old. Up until nine months ago, it only had one house on it. The road was beautifully perfect, flat and smooth without any cracks. I estimate it could have easily lasted for another 10 years, if not longer. There is little traffic on it. Enter the county road department. Without regard for the cost to taxpayers, they just ruined it with chip seal. It’s a fairly long road (perhaps a mile). How much did it cost? Considering the tar first, then trucking in the gravel, the final sealing, and then all the labor and equipment involved, I bet it was a substantial amount.

I asked one of the workers, “Why are you doing this on a brand new road?” His response was, “Well, I thought the road looked just fine to me. I couldn’t find a single crack in it. But we’re just doing what we’re told.” I was angry and retorted. “Do you live in this county? Do you pay taxes? Doesn’t this make you angry?”  He merely shrugged in reply.

And they continue with this horrible process throughout the summer, on road after road, which seem to be in perfectly fine condition. Is this just an example of “spending all the budget” for the year? Why not bank the money and in the future, and only when it becomes necessary, we can use it to refinish roads the proper way? This current process is dangerous due to loose gravel being thrown up by speeding vehicles, and makes the road virtually unusable for bikes.

And this preposterous spending after they recently sent a tax surveyor around house to house to look for additions to your property so they can collect even more taxes! Like most Americans, I don’t mind paying my fair share of “rent” to live in this county. But when bureaucrats spend money without regard for the public trust, with utter disregard for their duty to uphold their public stewardship, I get really angry. At some point, local, state and federal entities are going to run out of other people’s money to spend.

Shelly Dahl


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