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July 12, 2018
Primary election went ‘great’ with new equipment and mail ballots

Using new election equipment and running an election all by mail are completed and I must admit, things went smashing. While it’s a lot more work for the Tooele County Clerk’s office, the results were great. I have to consider it a success when we had a 51-percent final turnout when, just four years ago when the same offices were open and the turnout was 12.4 percent.  

Which means more people are becoming involved in electing their representatives and that makes me ecstatic. For final election results by precinct, please go to the county clerk’s website at and scroll through county departments to “Clerk.” 

We had some people accidentally throw their mailed ballots away, not realizing what they were. Hopefully that won’t happen for the November General Election. There were 303 provisional ballots, which is not bad.  The November General Election will have several ballot propositions on it.  Receiving a ballot in the mail three weeks before Election Day will give voters an opportunity to do research on the candidates as well as the propositions. 

One of the propositions is the Change of Government proposal. I hope you will take the time to read information on this before making your decision. You can get information here at 

Here are canvassed results from the June 26 Primary Election:

Registered voters – 12,593; ballots cast – 6,461; percentage voted – 51.31 percent; U.S. Senate – Mitt Romney 4,332 | Mike Kennedy 2,090; Utah State Senate #12 – Scott Sandall 1,546 | Clark N. Davis 1,599; County Commission Seat A – Mitch Hall 2,743 | Tom Tripp 3,392; County Commission Seat B – Brenda Faddis 2,681 | Kendall Thomas 3,508; County Auditor – Alison H. McCoy 3,307 | Tracey Marz 2,239; and County Sheriff – M. Dean Adams 2,096 | Paul J. Wimmer 4,186. 

Due to holidays and conflicting schedules, the Tooele County Commission has cancelled its two regularly scheduled meetings for July 3 and July 17. They will, however, hold a special commission meeting on July 31 at 7  p.m. It will be a regular commission meeting; the term  “special” is because it will be held at a different time than regular meetings.

Property Valuation notices will be mailed to homes by July 22. If you disagree with the value placed on your home/property, instructions will be included as to how you can appeal your value. The Tooele County Assessor’s Office does a wonderful job of assessing property and is great to work with.  You will also notice there are some entities raising taxes this year. The dates of the public hearings for those entities will be listed on the notice itself.

Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor

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