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October 5, 2021
Private property is not the government’s assets

Should the government make decisions based on what is best for the government or the citizens? 

In the United States we are supposed to be governed by the people for the people, in turn we hope the government makes decisions based on what is best for the citizens. The government should never make decisions affecting private property based on how much tax revenue the government will get. This is the definition of facism, in other words, everything must provide for the state. 

The unelected planning staff of Tooele County is requesting to change the land use code to not allow storage facilities in commercial zones due to the lack of taxes the county receives. 

Think what you will about storage facilities, but if they are able to make this change, what’s next? 

There are many different businesses that do not bring in a relatively large amount of tax revenue. Can you imagine having your business not be allowed because the government deems that it is not profitable enough for them? 

Perhaps it is time for a change in the planning staff, a new staff of people who believe that private property is not the government’s assets. 

Sam Howard


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