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April 24, 2012
Prom might not have been perfect, but it was magical

I’ve heard it said that prom is the most magical night of a girl’s life. I have also heard it said that prom is nothing more than a bunch of hype and sweaty students dancing awkwardly underneath too-bright fluorescent lights.

If it is a guy talking, then the complaints generally revolve around the extreme amount of money that goes into the date.

For girls, the issues with the event center more around either the lack of a date, the lack of punctuality in the date, or the lack of attraction for the date, period.

However, I will go out on a cliched limb and say that, though all of these concerns might be valid, I agree with the first sentiment only. Though there were an excess of sweaty students dancing, we were mere yards away from the cool outdoors, and the music was worth it. As for the money, I had the best date of my life going ice blocking, having a flour war, being treated to a picnic, and then later to a formal dinner at one of the boys’ houses in our group whose parents are excellent chefs. Overall, it was a fun but inexpensive date. The guys were perfect gentlemen and none of the girls in our group were disappointed in the slightest with their dates.

True, we simply might be the lucky ones. I have heard of the occasional prom day ending with heartbreak or, at the very least, disappointment. After all, how could it not? After weeks, months, maybe even years of building expectation and excitement for the event, disappointment seems inevitable.

I won’t lie and say that I had any more realistic views of prom than the next girl. In my mind, a guy would ask me, I would find the perfect dress for the perfect price, plans would fall into place, and prom day itself would be full of dancing and something akin to fairy magic.

True, not all of those dreams were fulfilled. My dress was not at all the fluffy, glittery, ball gown that I had always dreamed about. It was also more money than I had bargained on. I didn’t dance nearly as much as expected, and plans didn’t all fall perfectly into place.

However, I can honestly say that prom was better than anything I had imagined. Not just any guy, but one of my closest and longest friends asked me to prom. Plans never fell together perfectly, but they all fell together eventually, and everything was ready for the big day. Though not what expected, I loved my dress, and I ended up feeling sorry for the poor girls who could hardly walk, let alone sit in a car with their building-sized skirts. Rather than dancing all night, we ended up spending a good deal of the night walking around the breathtaking grounds of the Capitol building with the beautiful weather that felt like it was plausibly related to fairy magic after all.

There is a cost to prom, and there is no avoiding that. The cost might be in the money it takes to rent a tuxedo, buy a dress or plan a date. But it might also be an emotional cost, with all the stress that goes into planning and getting ready for prom. However, as far as my experience goes, prom was absolutely worth it.

 Siera Gomez is a junior at Stansbury High School.

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