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November 27, 2019
Proposed budget doesn’t include property tax hike for 2020

Public hearing set for Dec. 3 on County’s proposed $40M budget 

Tooele County’s proposed 2020 budget has no property tax increases and a decrease in general fund spending.

People who want to weigh in on the proposed budget may do so at a public hearing during the County Commission’s Dec. 3 meeting in the County Building.

Proposed general fund revenue and expenses will decrease by 4.6% from 2018 actual revenue and expenses, from $42.1 million to $40.2 million, according to the proposed budget.

On the revenue side, the county expects to receive a 2.9% increase in property tax revenue, from $5.6 million to $5.8 million, from new property on the tax rolls as the budget includes no proposed increase above the certified property tax rate.

General sales tax for the county is expected to remain flat at $2.7 million, according to the proposed budget.

Taxes of all kinds — current general property taxes, back property taxes, sales tax, property tax for assessing and collecting property taxes, and fees in lieu of taxes — are at $13 million in the 2020 budget. That’s 32.3% of the county’s projected general fund revenue.

The next highest chunk of revenue for the county’s general fund comes from intergovernmental revenue at $5 million. 

Intergovernmental revenue includes a budgeted amount of $3.3 million from the federal government for annual Payment in Lieu of Taxes. Various state and federal grants are also included in the intergovernmental revenue figure.

Another $4.8 million in budgeted revenue is expected to come from charges for services. Included in that number are $2 million for jail fees and $900,000 from fees collected by the county recorder for services.

Court fines and fees are budgeted at $543,000 for 2020. That’s 1.3% of the county’s total general fund revenue.

On the expense side of the budget, the county expects general government expenses — most county elected offices and courts along with human resources and information technology — to decline by 31%, from $18.9 million in 2018 to $13.0 million in 2020. That reduction includes about $9 million that can be traced back to costs attributed to the sale of UMC in 2018.

Overall general fund expenses are budgeted to decrease in 2020 by 4.6%, from $42.2 million to $40.2 million.

Expenses for the County’s municipal services fund — city-like services provided to unincorporated areas — will increase by 17%, from $7 million in 2018 to $8.2 million in 2020.

Included in that increase are a $1 million transfer to capital projects and a $365,000 increase in the budget for community development — planning and building services.

Notable capital projects included in the 2020 budget are $7 million for the west Erda sewer trunk line, $1.5 million for a state-mandated replacement of the Rowley Road bridge, $90,000 for a body scanner at the jail, and $50,000 for a council suite remodel.

The 2020 budget includes a 2.4% cost of living increase for County employees and a 2.5% hike in health insurance costs.

Also on the agenda for the Dec. 3 County Commission meeting is a resolution setting the salary of the county’s elected officials for 2020. The resolution with salary figures was not available at press time.

The County Commission meeting starts at 7 p.m. on Dec. 3 in the County Building at 47 S. Main Street in Tooele City.

The budget can be viewed online. It is attached to the public meeting notice for the budget hearing found at


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