Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

November 25, 2015
Pvt. Morgan Summer Cochrane

Military Pvt. Morgan Summer CochraneMorgan Cochrane is a graduate of Tooele High School and was raised by her mother, Teresa Jaramillo. She enlisted in the Army in March and recently graduated from Basic Combat Training this September. She successfully completed this training by graduating as an honor soldier from the dedication she put into her physical fitness tests. She managed to run two miles in 13 minutes, 45 seconds, and executed 109 sit-ups and 80 clean pushups in a timed two minutes. The maximum score in the Army Physical Fitness Test is a score of 300. Pvt. Cochrane earned a 370 on the extended scale of the APFT. She is now recognized by the chain of command of her brigades for breaking history at Fort Jackson, South Carolina for this accomplishment. Cochrane upholds her professional discipline, skill and military techniques throughout her daily lifestyle. She is soon deploying to South Korea for her military occupation service. She does everything with authority. Cochrane, known as the “Iron Soldier” and “Ms. 370,” is proud to an American and also Forever and Forever in Tooele, where she was an all-around cheerleader at Tooele High School. The Jaramillo family and her friends would like to welcome Pvt. Cochrane back to Tooele.

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