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July 9, 2020
Quarantined ballots counted, no change in winner outcome

Wardle faces no general election challenger for County Council seat 

Wardle Winner

Scott Wardle

Quarantined primary ballots have been counted, leaving the front runners from last week’s primary night count unaffected, according to Tooele County Clerk Marilyn Gillete.

After running the quarantined ballots through the verification and counting machine on Monday the race for County Council District 1 picked up 452 more votes cast.

First place vote getter in the election night tally, Scott Wardle, picked up 227 more votes while Shawn Milne, who was in second place, picked up an additional 124 votes. Sarah Patino, in third place, added 101 votes.

With these votes added, Scott Wardle held on to his lead with 48.6% of votes cast.

While Wardle will have to wait for the final vote canvass to be the official winner, he appears to be the Republican primary winner as Gillette said there aren’t enough uncounted ballots remaining to change the results.

“We have what we call ‘problem children’ (ballots) that have problems such as signatures don’t match or they didn’t sign the ballot,” Gillette said. “Those will have been notified and hopefully ‘cured’ before the canvass. There aren’t enough of them, however, to make a big difference in the count from Monday.”

Wardle is not only the Republican primary winner, but may also be considered the presumptive general election winner, as he faces no general election opponent. 

A write-in candidate could file before the general election to challenge Wardle, but Gillette said she has never seen a write-in candidate win for as long as she has worked in the County Clerk’s office. The closest a write-in candidate has come to winning was in 2013, when write-in candidate for Stockton mayor, Dan Haskell, lost by one vote to incumbent mayor Mark Whitney.

State code requires write-in candidates to file by Aug. 31 by 5 p.m. with the clerk’s office in order for votes for them to be counted.

The only other primary race in Tooele County was also unaffected by Monday’s vote count.

Voters in the non-partisan Tooele County School Board District 1 primary chose Bob Gowans with 47.9% and Al Bottema with 29.1% of the votes cast to face off in the general election. Sandy Critchlow came in third place with 23.1%.


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