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March 8, 2005
Raceway deal a sham

I am not writing this letter in hopes it will have any effect on the outcome of the Larry Miller race track but to inform the residents of the county how we were sold out.

What I say here is not all opinion as I have done a considerable amount of investigation. I put off writing a letter to the editor to oppose the raceway because it appeared the skids were greased and the deal was cut before the public was aware of the proposal. I have since been encouraged by dozens of people to publish the findings of my research.

When I heard KSL news mention a Miller Raceway, I feared the worst and immediately called Tooele County Commissioner Gene White. He said the complex was a sight being considered. He also said there would be a public hearing on Dec. 21, 2004.

I attended the meeting and listened to the proposal only to find out that it wasn’t a public hearing on the race track. It was a meeting to rezone the complex to a business district to accommodate the race track. After listening to five out-of-towners state their support I finally got my chance to express my opposition. I only got a few sentences out when one commissioner interrupted and asked why I hadn’t been to any public hearing in the past. I said I read both issues of the newspaper every week and look particularly at public notices and water rights and I was not aware of any such meeting. The commissioner assured me that they had held them.

Information on such meetings is available to the public so I went to the county offices, first to the clerk’s office and asked for copies of newspaper announcements and minutes of the public hearings on the race track. They produced one which was the meeting I had attended on Dec. 21. I asked for the ones before that. They couldn’t produce any and sent me to the engineering department. They couldn’t produce any either. Now you add that to the statement made in the report in the Transcript- Bulletin, dated Dec. 2 Vol. 111 No. 55, quote, “The deal has been hush-hush for several weeks,” and what does it equal? In the minds of myself and others, it equals deceit and lies.

Additional articles in the paper have statements from the commissioners that public hearings weren’t required because it involves real estate. So where were the public hearings before it got that far? There weren’t any and here is why. Larry Miller said if there was any opposition he wouldn’t come.

Why would commissioners expect opposition? Could it be because the $40,000 “Future of Tooele County Study” told them so? The conclusion of this study said that the overwhelming majority of those interviewed do not want this valley to become another Salt Lake Valley and this top secret project is a giant step in that direction. I think I’ve reached my word limit. I would like to address some other comments at the Dec. 21 meeting, such as the so called noise study and my concerns. Please tune in next week.


Terry and Sallie Mathews

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