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August 3, 2021
Rain or shine, Country Fan Fest finishes 2021 show Saturday

With thunderstorms punctuating both ends of Country Fan Fest 2021, promoters of the annual country music festival said it was their biggest year ever.

“It was good to be back and even with all the weather our fanfesters had a great time and we had a great time doing everything we could to keep you safe and the fun at a maximum,” said Country Fan Fest officials in a Facebook post the day after the 2021 festival closed.

The day before the festival started Bracken Hudson, CFF vice-president, said they expected a (cumulative) total of 35,000 people over the four day period of the festival.

Between general admission camping, VIP camping, and the new tent and yurt camping, Bracken said there were 2,000 campsites onsite for the 2021 festival.

Other festival goers stayed in hotels or commuted.

Weather issues dampened the show, but did not stop it.

With a true “the show must go on attitude,” Hudson stood outside, soaking wet, in a torrential rain and lightning storm on the last night of the festival and announced on Facebook that Tooele County Emergency Management ordered an evacuation of the venue due to the proximity of lightning to the venue.

“We’re still working on something for you guys,” Hudson promised the festival goers that had been asked to return to their vehicles or campgrounds to wait out the storm. “The main stage has sustained a strong gust of wind, with damage to lighting rigs and sound. The reality is there is too much damage to put back together in the time frame we have.”

An hour later, Country Fan Fest announced they had worked with the mainstage performers and received a clearance from Tooele County Emergency Management and the show would continue on the campground stage.

Country Fan Fest has already announced they will return to the Deseret Peak Complex in 2022 on July 22-30. Country Fan Fest 2022 will last four days again, but for the first time it will have three days of performers on the Main Stage.

Renewals for the 2022 festival start on Friday.


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