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March 30, 2021
Real questions about parking violations

I am responding to last Thursday’s (March 25) front page news “Tooele City Police warns parking violations are real”. 

I live on the eastside of Utah Avenue, the widest boulevard in Tooele besides Main Street. At 2:30 in the morning when no one could have been bothered by anything mentioned in the article. 

While everyone was sleeping, a Tooele City officer wrote me a ticket for parking in my drive. It is that part that is between the street and the sidewalk. It wasn’t snowing so that argument won’t be involved in my ticket. 

So who was I offending? Both my neighbors got tickets for the same thing. We have all been parking like this for years so it wasn’t a complaint from either of my neighbors as the article stated.

The article stated that for 30 days there were 100 citations and 68 warnings of individuals violating the parking laws. I never received a warning of violation and had to look up the code I violated. 

I happen to know that there were other violations within 50 yards of where I live that not only did the same thing as I did, but also violated the code by parking on the park strip and blocking the sidewalk, none of which were cited. 

My neighbors had their tickets written with my address as the location of the violation. They were in their own drive approach. While parking in the approach to my own drive I cannot see how this would offend or inconvenience anyone but me. The Fire department won’t use it, medical emergency won’t use it and my neighbors won’t have their view blocked by backing out of their drive. 

I would really like to confront my accuser as it is my right in a court of law.

I have decided to pay the ticket rather than take time to fight it with the chance of losing more money, because I have to pay a clerical fee to file a grievance with the court which is non-refundable. 

I also think that the city is doing this for the revenue it will gain even though they are trying to minimize the value by stating it is  “less than 1% of the city’s general fund revenue”. 

I wonder and will find out what that number is and can almost guarantee it is a substantial amount.

My ward is one full of paycheck-to-paycheck folks who can’t afford a $100 ticket and live on fixed incomes. I am still working and have income that I can pay for this ticket. I also know of another in my neighborhood who got a ticket for street parking when the property she lives at has no off-street parking. 

According to the law she cannot curb park or park on her front lawn. Where is she supposed to park? 

Folks, Tooele is not an HOA. Not all houses have drives or sidewalks. Not all are brick and stucco nor are they painted the same. We don’t have Karen chopping our mailboxes because they are two inches too tall and these city codes do not serve everyone equally. 

I have pictures of a myriad of parking violations that go unwarned and unticketed. What is good for one is good for all, not the select few that are called about by disgruntled neighbors.

Angry on Utah Avenue

 Lee Shields


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