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October 27, 2020
‘Realistic picture’ of Prop #2

I was reading the local news to increase my knowledge of affairs that affect our living conditions and daily affairs when I was struck with the blatant oxymoron of the full page ad presented by the developers of the Adobe Rock Ranch to be located in Lake Point and Stansbury Park. 

The photo depicted in the ad showed a lovely family walking hand in hand through an open field. That is how the property looks today. A more realistic picture to illustrate their development plans would be to depict the family stuck in traffic on highway 36, the children in a modular classroom due to school overcrowding, the family staying indoors on the ‘bad air’ days and living in crowded housing conditions.

One of the major concerns in our area is the lack of culinary water for use.

“To ensure that the available water supply in the Tooele Valley is not overtaxed, the State Engineer instituted a groundwater management plan in February 1996, which placed a moratorium on the granting of new water rights. … Water level and water quality data in Lake Point was collected during August 1999 through August 2003. The water levels generally declined about one to two feet likely because of less than average precipitation.In general, water-level fluctuations are monitored to gain understanding of ground water recharge/discharge processes. When recharge exceeds discharge, water levels rise. Conversely, when discharge is greater than recharge, water levels decline. Discharge created by withdrawals from wells will affect water levels. … The quality of the water is also being degraded because of increases in sodium and chloride, the predominant ions present in Great Salt Lake water. The dominant trend is an increase in dissolved solids with proximity to Great Salt Lake. … As the aquifer is depleted, the water is contaminated with chemicals similar to what exists in the lake.” (information from Ground-Water Movement and Water Quality in Lake Point, Tooele County Utah, 1999-2003)

This study was done 20 years ago with information indicating an adverse effect on the water supply. Further studies show the amount of “paper” water rights in relation to the amount of “wet” water available and the impact of additional diversions on springs and flowing wells.

The groundwater flow for Lake Point comes from drainage east of adobe Rock and funnels the water through the Lake Point sub-basin. The amount of the water depends on the snowfall and the precipitation in this area east of our community. These essential foothills are also planned to be developed in the future. 

The growth and development going on in Lake Point at the present time, 2020, is already putting the future of the Lake Point community in jeopardy. The water flowing into the water wells of the original town site is being affected by the developers’ wells drilled to the east of town and diverting the water to the new housing developments. Yes, we are concerned!

Safe yield is defined as the amount of water which may be withdrawn from an aquifer without an undesirable result in terms of both water quantity and quality. We urge the State Engineer to limit the withdrawals from the groundwater system to be safe yield. We also urge a “no” vote on Proposition #2 on the ballot.

Colleen Garrard

Lake Point

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