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April 12, 2005
Rebuttals narrow-minded

I was so relieved to see that Utah didn’t let me down again with the narrow-minded responses received to my March 29 opinion letter to the editor. I always read with great humor the responses that are written over a letter. Ken, Les and Karen have really big issues that make them so irate over my opinion, which I am entitled to.

Ken Spence asked fitting in with what?

That was pretty clear in my letter — not fitting in with the color scheme set up by the association of Overlake. I was really confused by his next statement as we don’t have any strip malls, metal industrial buildings, fast-food, auto malls or big box architecture in Overlake. We have a beauty parlor and a new cafe coming in where Jack’s Market used to be, and the tasteful assisted living buildings and the many doctors offices near the new hospital.

But other than that [we have] just houses and townhomes. We don’t have any breweries or clubs in Overlake either and it was my understanding that Home Depot (if it comes) will be on the north end of the hospital, not in Overlake.

And orange happens to be their logo color like green for H&R Block and that blue grey and green for Wal-Mart.

I was further confused by Les Hayden as I never mentioned anything about religion in my letter, only the building. I too have lived all over the world and I have never seen an apricot church. Most religions have their church buildings white or brick depending on where they are. Mr. Hayden might also like to visit his eye doctor as Overlake has 670 homes — not a couple hundred as he quoted.

The city of Tooele was ruined long before my attitude and opinion moved here five years ago. The people who have businesses here that don’t stand behind their product and services are what has and is ruining Tooele.

I further would imagine that Karen Davis has the problem, not me. Shame on her for saying I have no right to my opinion. I don’t need to go to church anywhere to enjoy the beauty of our world. I see that every morning when I take my dog out and see the mountains we are surrounded by and the beauty of my grandchildren’s faces as we share and learn something new together — the wonder of the many kinds of birds soaring in the sky and the variety of calls they make, the grace and wonder of the stars we can see every night not hampered by the big city lights.

This does not come from God, it comes from me having an opinion and sharing it with others who have their own opinions. I could have just written the St Barnabas center a letter but it would not have stirred everyone up to attack me and my opinion in the paper.

Louise Curtis

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