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January 9, 2020
Referendum signatures will be posted on Tooele County’s website

Here are some important items that are currently being prepared by the Tooele County Clerk’s Office.

• Referendum signatures to be posted on county websites: Utah State Code 20A-7-306(3) requires that all signers of statewide referenda names be posted to the county website. We are currently verifying signatures for the “Tax Restructuring Revisions Referendum.” Therefore, according to code, all of the signers of this referendum will have their names listed on the Tooele County website. All names on the petitions that we receive will be checked and verified.

• Letters to unaffiliated voters deadline is coming quickly: A couple of weeks ago, letters were sent to all voters designated as unaffiliated asking them to choose which party’s ballot they would like to vote in the Presidential Primary Election in March and the Primary Election in June. The deadline to get those back to my office is Friday, Jan. 10. 

The only parties holding a Presidential Primary Election are the Democratic and Republican parties. If you designate another party, you will not receive a ballot for the Presidential Primary Election but will receive one for the June Primary Election if the party you are associated with or chosen has a primary election. If not, you will receive the General Election Ballot in November. You do not have to choose a party for the General Election. 

Please remember: Primary elections are used by political parties to determine who will represent them on the ballot in the November election. Eligibility rules for primary elections are set by political parties and not by our office. Primary election ballots are party specific. You can only vote one type of ballot for each election. 

We have received several Board Applications since Tenille’s “Clerk’s Corner” a couple of weeks ago; however, we still have board openings to fill. If you have ever wanted to contribute to your community, this is a great way to do so. Go to to see the list of openings and to obtain an application form. On the home page, click on “Your Government” then click on “Boards and Committees.” 

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk. She can be reached at or call 435-843-3140.

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