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December 28, 2022
Remember December

As December 2022 and the year come to a close, we offer a few parting thoughts and notes of appreciation before we tear off the calendar page for the last month of the year.

First, to the Tooele City Police Department and all of the supporting emergency response crews that responded on Dec. 8 to the standoff in the Deer Hollow neighborhood — thank you. 

The peaceful resolution to an armed man that was reported to have shot his firearm over the heads of responding officers in the direction of possibly occupied homes was a notable accomplishment. Presumably it was the fruit of proper training, patience and competent leadership.

We also thank our readers and others that contributed to the Tooele Transcript Benefit Fund in 2022. The Heuser family was truly overwhelmed and humbled when Transcript Bulletin president Bruce Dunn showed up on Friday to present them with a check for the donations to the fund. The contributions will go a long way to help this family enjoy some peace at Christmas time while they gear up emotionally and financially for their son’s next operation.

Also a big thank you to all the Christmas miracle workers, volunteers and donors, at programs like Toys for Tots, Shop with a Cop, Shop with a Hero, the Children’s Justice Center and other holiday helpers. 

Tooele County has a big heart and it shows during the holiday season. May we strive to keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year long. Tooele County would then be a place filled with peace on earth and goodwill towards all — and 2023 will really be a happy New Year.

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