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February 14, 2012
Residents should embrace band

Please give Tim Gillie kudos for an excellent article (“Stansbury band battle back for second stanza,” Feb. 7). It’s unfortunate that those opposed to changing the county noise ordinance are willing to sacrifice an asset of their community just for an extra hour of sleep. Jack Guthrie was quoted as saying that residents around Stansbury High School have a pre-existing right to quiet. I agree with Guthrie to this point, however it would be admirable for residents around SHS to embrace that they have an opportunity to hear beautiful music and to be proud that they live in the vicinity of a fine school. An hour isn’t much, and I would be surprised if a majority of residents were not already up and at it, given the commuter culture. As far as the studies Tim Zeidner cites, I would be interested in knowing how applicable they are to this scenario. Do any of the studies specifically deal with the harmful effects of having to listen to high school marching bands? I am familiar with some psychological experiments where sleep deprivation did lead to decreased performance in controlled environments, but it seems quite a stretch to suggest that allowing a marching band to play at 6 a.m. would induce similar results. Responsibility also plays a factor in realizing how much sleep an individual needs — and then going to bed an at appropriate time. If this issue is not resolved now, perhaps later residents around SHS will realize what they’ve truly lost.

Ty Worthen


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