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November 29, 2016
Restore good will

As citizens of Tooele County, we attended the tax meeting held in the county administration building on Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. During the “comments” portion of the meeting where residents are allowed two minutes to address the commissioners, Jake Parkinson introduced himself as one of those responsible for property valuations.

In response to several comments that had been made regarding over-valuation, he admitted that the west end of Erda had been significantly overvalued. “We didn’t have any land sales for five years,” he said. When questioned about rectifying the error, it was indicated that no adjustment would be made, either on the current taxes due, or next year’s bills. Doesn’t Mr. Parkinson have a duty to check real estate listings/sales and other available information to find a fair market value?

I was given no leeway for being one day late of their deadline to receive a correction of their mistake. Interestingly, in a verbal exchange, I was told by another staff member that the valuations were absolutely correct, and I received a letter from Jane Brown, assessor, indicating that the valuations were — you guessed it — without error!

Parkinson’s confession of the mistake therefore came as a surprise, but I was told that since I was one day late of the deadline, it is just too late and we will not correct the problem. During the meeting, several department heads spoke of their financial needs for next year and indicated they don’t want a 70- or 80-percent tax increase on the citizens, however, my taxes have increased by that percentage in one year alone!

As the employee of a reputable company, I am required to act with honesty and integrity towards my customers. When a mistake is made, they are contacted, the problem is admitted and effort is made to correct the issue and restore good will between us. If a company does not act with honesty and integrity, it loses its customer base and closes. Why doesn’t the county hold itself to the same standard? Now cavalierly the county inserts its hand into my pocketbook and takes my hard-earned wages while offering no recourse.

Janice Anderson


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