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March 18, 2014
Roadside walk ends man’s life

A Tooele man was killed Monday morning when he was struck by a car while walking on an area roadway.

James Wilson, 41, was struck and killed by a car near the intersection of Lodestone Way and Utah Avenue by Ninigret Industrial Depot at about 7 a.m. Chief Ron Kirby of the Tooele City Police Department said Wilson was wearing dark clothing and was difficult to see in the early, pre-dawn hour.

The driver, also a local man, was reportedly on his way to Grantsville. Utah Avenue, between state Route 112 and the depot turnoff, was closed for more than two hours while officers attended to the scene and investigated the site.

“We’re still trying to figure out what he was doing out there at that time of the morning,” Kirby said. “There’s no indication he was hitchhiking. He was just in the road — it’s unclear right now if he was crossing or just standing. The driver was pretty shook up.”

Kirby said there was also no indication that Wilson may have been suicidal.

Capt. Paul Wimmer said other drivers before the incident told police the man had been walking on the roadway for some time.

“We had witnesses say he was walking dangerously in the travel lane when they went by and one even said they almost hit him,” Wimmer said. “He was wearing a dark jacket and would have been very difficult to see and respond in a way to avoid him.”

Wimmer said police are still trying to find out why Wilson was walking on the road at that time and in that manner.

“It was definitely odd behavior. It’s not something we would expect someone to be doing at 7 a.m.,” Wimmer said. “We’re still trying to follow up on any leads we have to try to find out what he was doing on the roadway. We do have some ideas; we’re just trying to exhaust them.” 

Lisa Christensen

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