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October 30, 2018
Rooftops and asphalt roads

We have a real opportunity during these next few days to think about what our Tooele County commissioners really care about and to learn the thinking of those seeking new positions.

Recently there have been a few meetings where public input was allowed regarding zoning changes requested by developers. The room where the meetings were held by the commissioners was totally full with their/my friends and neighbors who expressed their objections to such zone changes. 

One of the main objections boils down to the fact that they bought and built here because of the open space 5-acre lots allow and they thought they had the promise that this zoning would stand. I couldn’t really believe that when one developer complained about the weeds on those lots. We like it that way. We like room. We don’t like lots of roof tops and asphalt roads. So, the final question is: will our incumbents serve their constituents or will they serve money?

I have written letters to the county commissioners pointing out real concerns if those requested were granted. I have also sent a letter to the Tooele County Attorney and to the Tooele County Health Department regarding these same things. Of course, I received no response from any of them.

First example: Request to change the zoning of some 5-acre lots so that a second house can be built on that lot. Apparently by calling it another name means it’s OK. The real fact is that two houses mean the equivalent of two septic tanks, same effluent, even if the other house is connected to the existing septic tank. I don’t understand why the health department signed off on this, or why those in the county who give building permits also signed off on this.

Second example: Request by the developer to re-zone pieces of land in east Erda from 5 acre to 1 acre or less. The county’s General Plan says that these are supposed to remain 5 acres. That seems to be totally disregarded by the county commissioners and by the developers. And as far as I have heard, neither our commissioners nor the developer have told us how all that waste material will be handled. Septic tanks for each new lot? One big septic tank? Of course they are talking about a sewer line but surely that should be in place before even one house is built. 

And we are told that the county doesn’t have the money to do that. And one big water system? And what about all the increased traffic? Tooele residents may not really care about developments in Erda, but when all those hundreds of new cars appear on SR-36 or on Droubay Road, their lives will be affected adversely as they try to drive to their jobs in Salt Lake Valley during the so-called “rush hours.”

But they say that new roads are already planned. Yet, we were told that the State isn’t even interested in doing that now and for some time in the future because all their resources are being used in the I-15 corridor.

Third example: A new city built near/around Adobe Rock near Lake Point. The developer of that project assured us that they have lots of water rights to do this. But in almost the same breath they said Stansbury Park will provide the water. So the question is: will those water rights be transferred to the east Erda aquifer that supplies Stansbury Park and which is over-used already, and if that is the plan, it goes totally against the declaration made by the Utah Water Authority that no such transfers will be approved. 

With the creation of that new city, how in the world will our Tooele commuters get to and from work each day? All of these developers simply show no regard for those of us who are already living here. The bottom line is money. Our commissioners should think more about serving us — not them.

Dwight Clark


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