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April 2, 2019
Roxie Dobson

Obit Roxie Dobson 1Roxie Johnson Dobson, beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother, died peacefully March 31, 2019. She lived to be 91. Obit Roxie Dobson 2Indeed, Roxie was the last of the Erb and Florence Johnson children; the last sibling of that era. All thirty-three grandchildren of Erb and Florence would agree that our family connection provided each of us with the sense of our belonging and purpose that came from our stalwart pioneer heritage. Granddad would say that we come from good stock. Roxie used that saying often referring to her own children and grandchildren.

Roxie and Blaine had four children: John, Jane, Diane and Annette. Our mother loved her children and grandchildren (numbering seventeen) and took great pride in her twenty-five great-grandchildren. Mother was present for every important event with her family including marriages, graduations, baby blessings, baptisms; which amounted to a lot of events. Mother sang at most of these events and she prepared for each like it was major performance — because to her, it was. She graced her family with her gift of singing and playing the piano.

Roxie was beautiful, smart and talented. Music and sharing her singing were central in her life. She sang and accompanied her father, Erb; sang with her sisters and continued giving her gift of song throughout her lifetime. She was asked just how many funerals she had sung for and she recounted if everyone she had sung for his/her funeral were present at her funeral there would be a crowd. Likely there might be that crowd listening in on Saturday as we celebrate her and the many gifts she gave to us.

Family and friends will gather at Tate Mortuary at noon Saturday, April 6. Afterward Roxie’s children are hosting an afternoon brunch at Stansbury Park Clubhouse. Contact  if you’d like more information.

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