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September 20, 2023
Royal Creek Ranches rises from ashes with new lodge

The owners of Royal Creek Ranches held a celebration on Saturday, Sept. 16, highlighting their 1,200-acre property and amenities, including a new lodge built to replace their old lodge that was destroyed by a fire on Nov. 14, 2023.

The event included food, hayrides, games, line dancing, and live music.

The open house style event began at 11 a.m. and continued until early the next morning. A ribbon cutting was held at 1 p.m. Live music was held from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Sunday. The Brigham Young University Cougarettes also came out to teach line dancing.

The purpose of the event was to let the community know that the ranch is open again after the November 2021 fire. 

“The cause was determined to be a shortcoming in the flue system of the main building,” Chad Hymas, owner of the ranch said. “We had to get a permit from the city and bring everything up to code after the fire. It took the collaboration and vision of a lot of people.”

The lodge is a place for leadership retreats, weddings, reunions, conferences, and a gathering place for hunting groups.

The owners of the Ranch, Chad and Shondell Hymas, have built a new building to replace the old one that burned down. 

The new Elk Ridge Lodge was completed this month. It sleeps 80, has a kitchen, games, and plenty of lounging areas for events. The building also includes fire suppression materials, heat sensors, and cameras to ensure another fire doesn’t occur.

The ranch includes a large area for camping, a covered pavilion and amphitheater, several fire pits, a 2 ½ acre trout pond, elk, horses and horseback riding, and ATV rides.

An outdoor event at the ranch can include 1,5000 people.

The ranch also offers arrangements with Tooele County hotels and a bussing system.

Chad Hymas hopes the ranch will help people become better versions of themselves.

“I want to see people’s confidence grow,” Chad Hymas said. “I want to see their health be better and their finances get better. I just want to see people become better human beings when they are out here. This place was built for the betterment of people.”

Royal Creek Ranches first opened in summer 2019. The ranch sits off of Stookey Lane south of SR-199 in Rush Valley.

The ranch is the fulfillment of the Hymas’ dream after the couple moved to Rush Valley to farm and ranch. In 2001 at the age of 27, Hymas’ suffered an accident when a 2,000-pound bale of hay fell on him, shattering his back and leaving him a quadriplegic.

A few years after his accident, Hymas began traveling the world as an author and speaker, talking to whoever would listen about leadership, team building, customer service, and mastering change.

Royal Creek Ranches gave him the opportunity to stay home for a while and share his message with those who visit.

Hymas wants to thank everyone who has helped him with the ranch.

“Everyone did their piece,” Hymas said. “We have a lot of gratitude for them.”

To learn more about the ranch, please visit or call 435-841-1345 for booking.


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