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image Buffaloes small forward Rylie Hogan capped off her high school basketball career by receiving the Jackie White-Kimber Memorial Basketball Award.

March 14, 2023
Rylie Hogan wins Jackie White-Kimber Memorial Basketball Award

The Tooele High School girls basketball team will sorely miss the services of senior Rylie Hogan next season. Hogan started on the team for four years and during the past two seasons served as a captain. She led the team in multiple statistical categories the past two years.

She was the ultimate team player, extremely coachable, and humble, according to her coach.

“Several times I would come to her after a game to say great job and bring up her stats. She would quickly bring up her teammates and their successes,” head coach Julie Bonner said.

Hogan is this year’s recipient of the Jackie White-Kimber Memorial Basketball Award.

The award is given annually to the member of the THS girls basketball team who best exemplifies leadership skills and character while playing an integral role on the team.

“Rylie was the most experienced player on the team this year, especially at the varsity level. The girls definitely looked to her for guidance and stability,” her coach said. “I loved that with Rylie you could walk into a game and you couldn’t tell which team was winning or losing. She always gave everything, she had grit. Earlier in the season, she hurt her wrist pretty badly, but she refused to stop playing.”

Hogan started playing basketball from an early age.

“Basketball has always been a huge part of my life. It’s something I loved doing because it is fun and I enjoyed every second of competing, practicing, and overall challenging myself,” Hogan said.

“I always found myself as a little girl tagging along to basketball practice and games with my big brother and dad. In fifth grade my dad started to coach a competitive Salt Lake team for me. I definitely wasn’t the prettiest penny on the court but improved quickly with lots of practice.

I have loved basketball for so many reasons, it has taught me so much and I have built so many relationships through this sport. When you work so hard towards something you often have a love-hate relationship, I have put so much blood, sweat and tears into bettering my game that I definitely have that relationship. Basketball has taught me so many lessons such as dedication, working hard, staying motivated, being a leader, and seeing the positives in hard situations.”

Hogan has spoken with a few colleges about playing more basketball, but decided to opt out.

“After graduating I plan to get my cosmetology license and become a master esthetician as well. I look forward to getting married in the next couple years and I would love to travel the world. I am excited to eventually be a mother and have my own cute little family.

“Saying no to continuing my basketball career was really hard, but I am excited to get started with life and see where it takes me! Hopefully I can be a coach one day and continue to play when I can. I know the lessons I learned through my career and the relationships made will be cherished forever.”

The award is named for Jackie White-Kimber, a former Tooele High girls basketball player who died in 1988 after a battle with cancer. Hogan will receive a 14-karat solid gold ring, which was designed by Lisa Tate and Linda Matekel. Tate is White-Kimber’s first cousin. The award has been sponsored by White-Kimber’s grandfather, LaVar Tate. The award is still funded by Jackie’s family.

Past award winners include Tate (1988-89), Matekel (1989-90), Johnson (1990-91 and 1992-93), Shannon Lopez (1991-92), Stacie Blackburn (1993-94), Cooper (1994-95 and 1995-96), Amanda Kidd (1995-96), Kristi Thomas (1996-97), Lindsey Clegg (1997-98), Leah Roberts (1998-99), Kenzie Briggs (1999-2000), Kay C. Bleazard (2000-01), Lindsay Stahl (2001-02), Alex Ontiveros (2002-03), Staci Patch (2003-04), Elva Banford (2004-05), Meredith Nigh (2005-06), Samantha Thomas (2006-07), Alexis Bird (2007-08), Mattie Snow (2009-10), Lizzi Stewart (2010-11 and 2011-12), McKenzie Alvarez (2012-13), Courtney Schiwal (2013-14), Taylor Thomas (2014-15), Paris Stewart (2015-16), Webber (2016-17 and 2017-18), Lewis (2018-19), Alivia Cluff (2019-20), Aysha Lewis (2020-21), Breanna Beer (2021-22)   No recipient was named in 2008-09.A special Jackie White-Kimber Award was given to Grantsville’s Maison White, White-Kimber’s niece, in 2019-20.


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