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June 23, 2015
Saint Marguerite Catholic School students win national math honors

With three long months of intense preparation, 26 students in grades 1-8 from Saint Marguerite Catholic School in Tooele were among more than six million students who engaged in an international mathematics competition called Math Kangaroo. As its name implies, the competition originated in Australia in the 1980s and now covers 52 countries around the globe.

The contest is not just for the best mathematically talented students; it aims to test students in ways that show mathematics can be interesting, useful and even fun. Nonetheless, competitors are ranked by their results nationally and by state.

In a ceremony held on June 2 at the Utah State University Tooele campus, first-grader Abby Camacho and second-grader Hailey Donner both were recognized for first-place ratings in their grade levels in the state of Utah, ranked 50th and 48th, respectively, among all who tested in the entire United States in their grades. Seventh-grader Madison Perez and first-grader Crystal Hubbell both were acknowledged for their third-place finishes in their grades in Utah and were ranked 76th and 56th in the nation, respectively. Fourth-grader Benji Child ranked 48th in the nation along with his seventh-place finish in Utah. These students and 76 others who competed at Utah State University were lauded by math lecturer Dr. Piotr Runge.

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