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July 12, 2016
Save a tree or two

I have been to Tooele City’s recycling bin four times since June 20 when it was installed. I dropped off my paper and cardboard once and the other three times, I brought my garbage back home because the bin was full. Actually, the time I dropped off paper and cardboard, I put it inside some makeshift bins that were there in place of the recycling bin.

I don’t appreciate driving eight miles round trip to do nothing. And I don’t appreciate the dirty, dusty property that the bin is situated on. That particular area isn’t going to be worth using when it rains and snows.

Surely the city can think of another place to put this particular bin, and seeing the need, they could certainly install 10 more bins. Better yet, why not have the convenience of curbside recycling?

Again, if you are reading this and you are not interested in recycling, you can opt out. However, many people in my neighborhood have purchased a second bin. They could certainly trade the second bin for a recycling bin. All of their recyclable stuff could go into the second bin.

Signed by a tree hugger who just wants to save a tree or two.

Diane Quist


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