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May 18, 2017
Save time with Mac shortcuts

Tech Guru BoxUsing keyboard shortcuts can really save time as we work on our Mac. There are numerous possibilities where you can customize your shortcuts and even create new ones. Here are some shortcuts I like to use.

Do you ever see information on a website and you want to save it, but you don’t want to take the time to write it down? If you type and hold the keys command + shift + 3, it will take a picture of your entire screen and save it in a png format to your desktop. It is date and time stamped in this format: Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.18.51 AM, so you can easily recognize the file. Double-click it to open. If you don’t have a photo editing program that you use to view this file, the Preview app works well and in most cases, will be used as your default photo app.

I was amazed when I realized how many available functions I can assign to a shortcut. Open System Preferences and select Keyboard. At the top of the box, select the Shortcuts tab. To the left, select Screen Shots.

If you remove the checkmark from a box, it will disable that keyboard shortcut. To the right, click on the shortcut keys and a field appears where you can customize these shortcuts to something else. Just enter the shortcut you would like to use, holding down the keys as you go. If you find you use the screen shot feature often, you may want to change it to something easier to use. See the accompaning graphic for a key of the modifiers used for shortcuts.

You can also take a screen shot of a specific area instead of the entire desktop. Select command + shift + 4 and crosshairs will appear where you click, hold and drag the area you want shot. Again, a file will be saved to ßyour desktop of your selection in the format mentioned above.

Another shortcut I find useful, is the Spotlight search. To the left, select Spotlight. Press the command + Spacebar and Spotlight opens a field to type your search. If you have customized your Spotlight and what it searches for, this can be a very helpful function.

Go through the shortcut possibilities to the left and see if there are any you would like to begin using or if you would like to customize any to suit your preferences. Your changes are saved when you make them. Close the System Preferences box when you are done.

For 15 years, Scott Lindsay has helped tens of thousands of people better their skills, publishing more than 400 articles about Apple and Microsoft software, the computer and the Internet. You can reach Scott for comments or questions at

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