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October 13, 2020
Say no to Adobe Rock Ranch

Two years ago, I signed a referendum that would give citizens in Tooele County a chance to vote in regards to changing the zoning in the Lake Point area to allow Kennecott to add over 4,700 homes to an area designed for a significantly smaller number of homes. I signed not to stop development, but rather to ensure that the current zoning and existing developments were respected and followed. I wanted to preserve the open space and environment that made me want to move to Lake Point. If Kennecott is allowed to add 4,700 plus homes, according to the loosely worded agreement that was signed by the county commissioners, we would see a drastic change to the look of Tooele County.  

This planned community does not stay with the existing plan of surrounding developments and causes multiple significant problems. The first is traffic.  Currently our traffic is far beyond the capacity of the one road in-and-out of the county. If we were to add all these additional homes our current traffic issues will only grow exponentially. There is no way to sustain this growth. My next concern is overall infrastructure of the area, schools, sewer, water etc. We are stretched beyond capacity in existing schools with not enough taxes to pay for what we need now.  

Finally, the Adobe Rock Ranch planned community will replicate Daybreak, the Kennecott community in SL county, and have parks and running trails and possibly other outdoor venues.  However, as nice as this sounds, since Adobe Rock Ranch will be an HOA community the developer admitted that these parks and trails could be closed to anyone that resides out of the HOA.

Everyone in Tooele county passes or uses the Lake Point exit on I-80. If this development is allowed to continue, it will affect all of us for decades. Beyond traffic there are issues with schools, taxes, sewer and water that affect all of us. These are the reasons I chose to sign that referendum two years ago and now have the opportunity to vote on this planned community titled Proposition 2. I would encourage everyone to use your right to vote and tell Tooele County that we are not prepared for this community and it should not be allowed to continue.

Kathleen VonHatten

Lake Point

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