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May 21, 2019
School board approves new teacher contract

Pay scale to be bumped up by $1,800 but salary still falls short of other school districts 

Teachers in Tooele County School District will receive at least a $1,800 raise for the next school year, but it may not keep pace with increases offered in other school districts across the state.

The Tooele County School Board approved the negotiated agreement between the school district and the Tooele Education Association for the 2019-2020 school year during its May 14 meeting at the school district office.

The agreement calls for pay levels on the salary schedule to be adjusted upwards by $1,800, starting with the salary for a first year teacher increasing from $42,000 to $43,800.

The negotiated agreement calls for all teachers to be advanced by one level on the salary schedule.

The school district will also use funds from the state’s Teacher and Student Success Act to pay a one-time bonus of roughly $285. 

TSSA funds will also pay for three days of inservice training for teachers.

The bonus and the three-days of inservice with pay are only for employees that qualify for funding from the TSSA, which essentially are most classroom teachers, according to the negotiated agreement.

“We felt good about our negotiations,” said Tooele County School District Superintendent Scott Rogers. “We have worked hard the last two years on teacher compensation. We know there is a second round of salary wars, but we may not be able to get to the $50,0000 mark that is out there, but our goal may be not in one bite, but maybe two or three bites.”

The Canyons School District approved a $7,665 raise for all licensed employees during its May 7 meeting, bringing the starting salary for a new teacher to $50,000.

 “We appreciate the efforts that have been made and the work that has been done,” said Rick Harrison, Tooele Education Association president. “We do believe that we are making the best effort possible to provide our teachers with the best possible salary. We will continue to work hard and when teachers work hard they do the best for their students and ultimately that is what this is about — our students.”


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