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May 10, 2018
School board considering new policy for student homework

The Tooele County School Board wants to turn the school district’s one-year-old guidelines on homework into a uniform district-wide policy.

The school board advanced a draft policy on homework to second reading status during its meeting on Tuesday night. 

Second reading status means the board will continue to accept public comment on the policy before the next board meeting when it may vote on adopting the policy.

The proposed homework policy mirrors a set of guidelines developed a year ago by a district committee, according to Doelene Pitt, assistant superintendent.

“The committee spent a year doing research and study on homework,” Pitt said. “We’ve had positive feedback on the guidelines, but we have had questions about if the guidelines have to be followed. So we are recommending the guidelines be adopted as policy so we can be more consistent and to make sure there are no questions about our expectations.”

The proposed policy defines homework as any school work completed outside the classroom.

The purpose of homework is for pre-learning, to check for understanding, practice of learned skills, and processing concepts, according to the proposed policy.

The proposed policy includes a “Student Bill of Rights,” and expectations for families, teachers and students.

According to the the Student Bill of Rights, a child’s right to playtime, downtime and adequate sleep should not be infringed upon by homework. 

The Bill of Rights also sets aside weekends and holidays as family time that should be free from assigned homework.

A table of maximum homework time per day by grade is included in the proposed policy. In elementary schools, the maximum amount of homework per day runs from 20 minutes for kindergarten through second-grade to 60 minutes in sixth-grade. At the secondary level, the maximum amount of homework time per day starts at 70 minutes in seventh-grade and reaches 120 minutes in the 12th-grade.

The proposed homework policy can be viewed on the school district’s website at by selecting Board of Education from the menu bar and then selecting Board Docs/Policy from the drop down menu. 

In the window that opens after selecting Board Docs/Policy, highlight the down arrow to the right of Policies and then click on the arrow. Select Draft from the drop down menu and a window opens where “New Policy Homework” can be selected.

Feedback on the proposed policy can be sent by email to

The next school board meeting is scheduled for June 12. Board meetings are generally held at 7 p.m. in the board meeting room at the district office, 92 Lodestone Way in Tooele City.


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