Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

September 19, 2017
School board muscle

From last Thursday’s Transcript Bulletin it appears that the school board has decided to conjure up a few more softball fields, evidently to accommodate the staggering number of fans who witness these extravaganzas. Will they be engineering a press booth to accommodate ESPN broadcasts as well? I often marvel at the muscle the school board (and city?) generates in dolling out such programs. At $1.5 million, we could hire all 10 of the police officers that Tooele is now so obviously short of, build a new police department building instead of the currently existing 7-11 style edifice, and fix all the street lights, among others.

In traveling through Tooele, it has been our observation that the currently existing ball fields are not being put to use the large majority of the time. They might not feature high-tech score boards or a gong when an occasional hard earned home run is blasted over the fence; however, the school board could hire a 2nd grader who would be capable of amassing the high sums these athletic contests produce. The school board’s flawed initiative in its poor budgetary management might be considered a ploy in the current direction of our recreationally-oriented society, shaky foundations, shifting values, and an insanely exorbitant debt, which we owe to our illustrious benefactor, Mother China, of whom we are trillions of dollars in humble servitude.

Ralph E Pierce


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