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May 16, 2019
School board revises grading policy after one year of use

After one school year of application, the Tooele County School Board has adopted changes to its new district-wide grading policy.

Changes to the district grading policy were approved by the school board at its meeting held Tuesday night at the school district office.

The approved revisions change the number of scores on which grades are based from a range of seven to nine with three of those being assessments to at least seven with three assessments. 

The revision includes language clarifying that assessment scores may come from tests, projects, formal/informal assessments, quizzes, demonstrations, papers and portfolios.

The policy already stated that final grade weighting is to include assessments, homework, and classwork, with assessment weighing in at no more than 50 percent and homework at no more than 10 percent of the final grade. The balance of the grade is to come from classwork.

The revision also changes the deadline for late work from within the quarter term in which it was assigned to within three weeks of its due date with late work turned in later than three calendar days before the end of the quarter forfeits the opportunity for revisions due to quarter end deadlines.

The grading policy allows for students to do “retakes” or redo work to demonstrate an increased proficiency of standards and/or objectives for the possibility of full credit, barring late work.

Late work is discounted by a 10 percent reduction in the score, according to the policy.

The revision of the retakes language was amended during the board meeting to limit retakes to a total of two.

When asked about teachers requiring evidence of learning effort prior to retaking an assessment, Patricia Walker, director of teaching and learning for the school district, said those type of requirements are more of a procedure than a policy and allow flexibility for students.

Board member Melissa Rich said that the grading policy is a good thing, but because it is so new, the board should consider reviewing the policy annually.


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