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April 18, 2017
School board votes to reduce, increase some activity fees

More classroom and activity fees in the Tooele County School District will go down than up in the  2017-18 school year.

The Tooele County School Board adopted the fee schedule for the next school year with eight reduced and two increased fees during their April 11 meeting.

“I went through the school-based accounts,” said Assistant Superintendent Doelene Pitt. “If these organizations had a significant balance just sitting there, I cut their fees.”

The school board unanimously approved Pitt’s fee recommendations.

At the junior high level the class fee for arts/crafts will be reduced from $12 to $10, the drama/debate fee went down from $15 to $10, the orchestra/choral/band fee dropped from $15 to $10, and the fee for eighth grade outdoor life was cut from $40 to $30.

At the senior high level the $2 calendar magnet fee is now listed as optional. The class fee for advanced graphics was reduced from $30 to $20, for marketing from $30 to $15, medical assisting from $35 to $25, and TV broadcasting from $20 to $15.

The only class fee increase was for the senior high emergency medicine class. The fee went up from $15 to $25.

The emergency medicine class uses a lot of disposable supplies like masks and gloves, according to Pitt.

“The $15 fee wasn’t covering the expenses,” she said.

The other fee increase was the maximum amount charged for senior high drill, dance, cheerleaders and flag team uniforms.

The state school activities association raised its limit on expenses by these activities from $500 to $600.

The Tooele County School Board followed suit and adopted the $600 limit.

The $600 limit includes money raised through fundraising, according to Pitt.

Other senior high school activity participation fees range from $20 for band, bowling, concert choir, clubs, mock trial and National Honor Society to $45 for football.

The fee page that lists the senior high activity fees has a footnote that reads: “The participation fees identified on this page are not all inclusive of the costs that may be incurred by participating in the activity.”

Fees may be waived upon application to the school principal for students in state custody or foster care. Fees may also be waived for students whose families are receiving public assistance in the form of aid to Families with Dependent Children, Supplemental Social Security Income, free school lunch, or other extenuating circumstances, according to district policy.

Tim Gillie

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