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October 13, 2020
School bond language

The Tooele County Board of Education has voted to place a $170 million dollar bond on the upcoming ballot that says $20 million of the $170 million would be used for one new elementary school, $100 million would be used for one new high school, $50 million would be used for one new junior high school; but with language on the ballot stating this money can be used also … to improve or rebuild any other existing facilities!

Has Tooele Transcript ever thought about questioning why this language has been added to the Ballot? Why bond money, that is supposed to be earmarked for new construction for three new schools, can also be used for any other facility they want?  

It looks like a sneaky way to use bond money for anything and then justify themselves at the end of the projects for coming up short and asking for more money at the end to finish the job.

I voted no last time because of this language and I’ll vote no again.

Dan Buchei

Tooele County

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