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July 1, 2021
Scout Sutton crowned as Miss Grantsville City for 2021

Scout Sutton was crowned the 2021 Miss Grantsville City on Wednesday night.

The 2021 Miss Grantsville City pageant was held Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Grantsville High School auditorium.

Grantsville City Mayor Brent Marshall opened the pageant by welcoming community members and city officials to the night’s event.

The posting of the colors was completed by the Grantsville Fire Department and they led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, after which Grantsville citizen, Maddie Marin, sang the national anthem.

Marshall explained that the 2019 Miss Grantsville City, Sierra Leavitt and her father, Jeremy Leavitt, would be the speaking throughout the ceremony.

Jeremy Leavitt took to the stage first to again welcome members of the community.  He then introduced previous royalty, Miss Granstville City Sierra Leavitt and her first and second attendants, Autumn Wade and Alexandria Wood, along with the eight 2021 contestants who performed a dance routine together to “Champion’’ by Carry Underwood.

After the opening dance number, Jeremy Leavitt introduced the four judges and then the onstage question portion of the evening began.

Each contestant took to the stage to answer a question randomly pulled out of a hat by Sierra Leavitt.

After the questions, the talent competition began and contestants performed a variety of talents such as: singing, talking about their passion with a slideshow, dancing, and a basketball skills demonstration.

Next, Miss Sierra Leavitt performed her talent that helped her win the 2019 pageant — a contemporary dance to “Wake Me Up” by Avicci.

After her performance, Wood performed the talent that helped her with second attendant in 2019 with what Jeremy Leavitt called “a song with a name we can’t pronounce on the piano.”

Jeremy Leavitt then thanked Grantsville City, the city council, the fire department, police officers from Grantsville, and other community officials for helping put on the pageant.

He also recognized past Miss Grantsville Cities from the 70 years the city has been putting on the pageant.

Then came the evening wear competition.

Each girl dressed up in formal wear and walked around the stage slowly maintaining eye contact with the judges while Sierra and Jeremy Leavitt read a bio about each girl.

When the formal wear competition was over, a slideshow was shown to the audience featuring the work Sierra Leavitt, Wade, and Wood had done since they were crowned in 2019, after which Sierra Leavitt took a final walk around the stage as queen.

Next, Marshall presented Sierra Leavitt, Wade, and Wood with the scholarship money they had earned by being crowned in 2019 and holding true to their title.

Sierra Leavitt was given a $1,750 academic scholarship, and Wade and Wood were given $750.

Awards were then presented to the 2021 contestants.

Wade was given the most thoughtful award. Vanessa Elexpuru was given the most helpful award. Megan Taylor was given the most positive award. Faith Goodsell was given the most energetic award. Jordyn Wilder was given the most driven award. Hailey Taylor was given the most genuine award. Scout Sutton was given the most professional award. Elizabeth Whitworth was given the most focused award. And Oakley Lawrence was given the most cooperative award.

Scout Sutton was awarded the Miss Congeniality title. Sutton performed a ballet routine to a song in Sleeping Beauty.

Elizabeth Whitworth was named first attendant. She performed a contemporary dance to Arcade by Duncan Laurence.

Second attendant was awarded to Jordyn Wilder. She  sang an a capella piece about the Harry Potter book series.  

Sutton received the Miss Congeniality award and was crowned Miss Grantsville City.

Sutton is 19 years old and has three siblings.

She enjoys skiing and country swing dancing, as well as ballet.

Sutton teaches ballet and attends the University of Utah where she holds multiple leadership positions and hopes to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

After college, Sutton hopes to become a professional ballet dancer and continue to teach ballet.


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