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February 27, 2018
See, eat and hear

So! Today’s headline in a publication proclaimed Gov. Herbert stating, “The public wants the government to do something about school shootings.” What an understatement! Recognizing that our society is now oriented toward recreational and leisure time, much of which is structured around our graphically violent movie industry, does the government have the guts to take on Hollywood?

Without public support, government interaction will not happen. It normally takes a Pearl Harbor to get us out of our doldrums and face the reality of such issues. When you spend time at the dump, you start smelling like the dump. How many times have I observed my peers involved in graphically violent movies on their laptops with rapturous fascination, literally drooling at the lips in becoming both psychologically as well as intellectually involved in much of the hideous stunts that many of these films portray. Would you feed you children arsenic?

We become what we see, eat and hear. How about a stiff prison term for parents who allow their children to view such aberrations. This narrative includes video games including “Mortal Combat” and “Grand Theft Auto,” which are among the lesser of some of the droppings that our culture provides. We are talking responsibility here. Such movies are not allowed at our house.

Our grandchildren, when we have the pleasure of their company, still view treasures such as “Bambi,” “Dumbo” and “Aristocats.” A few years ago I read a letter to the editor from a very astute citizen in the Transcript Bulletin that was entitled, “Spoons do not make people fat.” The reverse side of which reflected “Guns do not kill people. People kill people.” With our socialized attraction toward violence nowadays, if the government takes your guns away, perpetrators will be forced to use crossbows, then ball bats, and finally, fountain pens. We really need to get behind the government in resolving this deteriorating phenomenon that we have allowed to become an almost monthly socialized event.

Ralph E. Pierce


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