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June 14, 2016
See the proof

I think it is about time for a women commissioner and Brenda Faddis seems like the one I can support.

Shawn Milne has said that we now have a balanced budget. We should have a lot more than that considering how many times our taxes have been raised.

They have reappraised every piece of property in Tooele County and raised the taxes accordingly. I have a two- bedroom home and my taxes have gone up more than $300.

I have noticed that they are advertising Tooele County on “At your Leisure” (AYL) as to what Tooele County has to offer. I hope this will bring back some of the revenue that we lost when Milne shut down the parks and recreation department.

Brenda Faddis says that if she is elected, she will tell us where the money is spent and allow us to see the proof.

Vote Brenda Faddis for commissioner.

Good luck, Brenda. You have my vote.

Kent Williams


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