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image Cowboys senior wide receiver Hayden Hall posing with his parents Annie and Donnie during Grantsville High’s “Senior Night” in October.

November 15, 2023
Senior spotlight: Hayden Hall

After a disappointing exit from the playoffs, the Grantsville Cowboys football team prepares for the departure of 15 players from its senior class. Among those seniors is wide receiver Hayden Hall, who spent all four years donning football pads for the team.

The dual-sport athlete, who has one season left of baseball before he’s finished with sports altogether at Grantsville, called his time with the Cowboys a worthwhile grind and the source of much of his growth as a teenager.

“The last 2 years have been super fun, even though they both ended earlier than expected,” Hayden said.” But it was all worth the grind and I would do it all over again, if I could.”

During his time playing for the team over the last four years, Hayden fostered many close relationships and found role models in his coaches. Whether it was the coaching staff, who supported and believed in him, or his teammates who 

“I would like to thank coach Danny Warren for always being a role model in my life and someone to look up to,” he said. “Also, my cousin Krue Warren has always been there, no matter what and is my brother since Day One.”

While he currently has no particular colleges in mind, Hayden would like to attend out-of-state and return home to start his own clothing company. While in college, he also said he plans to further his playing career, either in baseball or football.

Reflecting back on his time playing football for Grantsville, Hayden looks fondly on his sophomore year, when he played starting cornerback and the Cowboys won the 3A State Championship. In addition to the more notable memories, he also cherished the “mundane” moments such as summer workouts, team dinners and even pre-practice naps underneath a tree.

“I would [also] like to thank the Grantsville community for all their support with everything, especially with my family,” Hayden said. “Lastly, I would like to thank God for blessing my life with very many blessings and challenges that give me the motivation to keep going and grinding.”

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