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March 6, 2014
Senior voters answer practice questions on voting machines

During February we took the voting machines to the Tooele and Grantsville Senior Centers to let voters “practice” on the machines so they would be more comfortable on election day. We had fun questions for them to answer and here are the results:


Q – Did you graduate from Tooele High or Grantsville High?

A – 21 percent graduated from Tooele High; 3 percent graduated from Grantsville High

Q – What decade did you graduate in?

A – 10 percent graduated in the 1930’s; 17 percent graduated in the 1940s; 31percent graduated in the 1950s; and 14 percent graduated in the 1960s. I apologize to those whose decade was not included on the list.

Q – How often do you go to your senior center per week?

A – 58 percent come to their senior center more than once per week; 24 percent come one or less times per week

Q – What is your favorite meat served for breakfast at the senior center?

A – 10 percent prefer ham, 14 percent prefer sausage, and 59 percent prefer ham

Q – Who is your favorite singer?

A – Hank Williams – 7 percent; Queen – 5 percent; Conway Twitty – 5 percent; Charlie Pride – 7 percent; Elvis – 14 percent; George Strait – 7 percent; Jim Reeves – 7 percent; and Neil Diamond, – 7 percent.

Q – What is your favorite pastime?

A – Bowling – 3 percent. Dancing – 3 percent. Knitting – 3 percent. Mechanic – 3 percent. Reading -14 percent. Crafting – 3 percent. Baking – 3 percent. Being retired – 3 percent. Gambling – 3 percent. Play cards – 7 percent. Pool – 3 percent. Bingo – 3 percent. Being at the senior center – 3 percent; and working at the senior center – 3 percent.

Q – What do you like best about being at the senior center?

A – Monthly dances – 10 percent. Friends – 66 percent. Choice of food – 7 percent

Q – What do you miss the most that you’ve lost?

A – Driving – 10 percent. Eyesight – 41 percent. Hearing – 14 percent. Money – 21 percent

Q – When you vote, do you vote a straight party ballot?

A – Yes – 10 percent. No – 34 percent. Sometimes – 7 percent

Q – Who was Lois Lane’s boyfriend?

A – Batman – 7 percent. Superman – 69 percent. Spiderman – 0 percent


The Seniors are always so much fun and, as you can see, they skip the questions they don’t want to answer, just like other voters do! Thanks to Beverly White for the idea and to all of the Seniors who participated.


Marilyn K. Gillette Tooele County Clerk

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