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March 28, 2013
Sensitive employee data back with county

Sensitive Tooele County employee information was lost and recovered Wednesday in the latest headache for Tooele County officials.

According to a news release from Tooele County, Shane Brozovich of Tooele, a recently terminated county employee, requested a copy of his personnel file from the county’s human resource department. That file was given to him on March 18.

However, department personnel later discovered that two insurance documents, from 1996 and 1997, had been accidentally included on the disk with Brozovich’s personnel file.

Those documents contained approximately 200 county employee names and their social security numbers, according to Wade Mathews, public information officer for the county.

Brozovich was contacted and asked to return the disk. He was told that possessing the documents with the knowledge that he should not have them could be a criminal offense.

The county also contacted the Utah Attorney General’s office and asked for help to get the documents back. An investigator with the AG’s office called Brozovich and advised him to return the disk to the county, or give it to the AG’s office as soon as possible, according to the news release.

The disk was given back to Tooele County officials Wednesday by Brozovich. Attempts to contact Brozovich for comment were unsuccessful.

The county is currently contacting every current and former employee whose information was included on the disk. They are being told how the information was released and that it is now recovered, as well as information on how to protect their social security number and what to do if they believe they are victims of identity theft.

According to a letter sent to affected employees, the release of the information has been attributed to “human error” rather than faulty policy or procedure. It also states the information was not used in an unlawful way, and that all of the information has been returned.

Lisa Christensen

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